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“Thank you for being an important part of our story.”

Global social India wishes to thanks all our patrons, advertisers and sponsors and donors... without whose effort the recent projects would not have been possible.

Aurobindo Bal Mandir Kolkata -for conducting our teachers training programmes


Mr Partha Sarathi Bose (Principal, Aurobindo Bal Mandir) for spearheading the training programme.

Sabitri Chatterjee Trust: for providing lodging to all our trainee teachers during the training workshops in Kolkata

Ms Paramita Saha: For donating laptops for the training sessions.

Ms Pinky Banerjee : For providing children’s books and study materials for the workshop

Mr N.C.Banerjee : For material support and transportation

India Inside Digital: All digital design support. Developing online platform for our rural artisans and artists

Stir n Bakes: Our food partner

Special Thanks To

DR. MARIO THIERGART: PRESIDENT, Global Social Network (International)

AXEL BRÜMMER: INITIATOR & MANAGEMENT BOARD, Global Social Network (International)

And to all our global partners friends and co-workers

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