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Promoting Indian art, heritage and rural artisans, folk artists, tribal art,handlooms through our global partners worldwide.

Although exports of handicrafts appear to be sizeable, India's share in world imports is miniscule.  It is a sector that is still not completely explored from the point of view of hidden potential areas.  India, a country with 26 states and 18 languages and more than 1500 dialects offers an enormous range of handicrafts from each of the states. is a unique program supporting a sustainable future for folk artists. This hands-on training program for veteran artists interested in entering the global wholesale and export marketplace, provides them with an opportunity to sell DIRECTLY through our exclusive online shop, and empowers artists to earn year-round income.

These artists are masters of their centuries-old traditions, but are new to the international business arena that demands digital communication. Our curriculum provides a path specifically designed to help folk artists navigate this complex and often daunting system. The global marketplace is not an easy world to enter, especially from remote villages, but with this program, a door is opened.


To host a unique online store that provides year-round sales to help sustain folk artists around the world.

To serve as a learning lab designed to help artists build the skills necessary to explore the export marketplace with confidence.

To focus on training modules most appropriate for artists learning how to best succeed in the export marketplace.

To invest in the artists and their growth, and create a skill building environment.

To provide a unique and new opportunity to support artists year-round through purchasing their work.


Buy handicrafts and handloom, listen to folk music and spread awareness about tribal art and music. You can buy directly from them @

Folklores and songs tell a story of deep-seated human believes that are not contaminated and corrupted by socio political and economic greed. They are still the purest form of story about us and our nature-and how things were supposed to be


Volunteer to spread the story-in any way you can.

To know more contact us at 91 9830339521

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