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Art and Culture Academy for underprivileged children ( Kolkata, Soujatya)

Global Social India in association with Soujatya, ( a boarding house for orphan and underprivileged children, in Kolkata) have set up an art and culture academy, for its resident students.

The main aim is to provide education to children using our unique Art Linked Learning (A.L.L.) programs.

The first successful course was conducted over a period of 3 months where the kids were introduced to tribal arts of India and they learned to draw simple figures and motifs using some basic tribal art techniques.

In our workshops we made greeting cars, comic strips ,3D figures using sticks and papers and by the end of the 3 month workshops the kids knew about

  1. Different tribal arts from different parts of India

  2. Could identify different types of tribal art and relate them to their states of origin

  3. Use tribal art techniques and colour schemes to create their own form of art in a fun way.

We are working on extending our A.L.L. program

to link Art with Science  in order to make learning basic science fun for kids.

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