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The Little Explorer Book - Photographed by Manish - One of our students at Sundarbans

Global Social India is all about collective effort. But we do not ignore the individuals. We are always looking for unique talents in our kids. Proudly presenting Manish Mondol a 10 year old boy living in one of the remotest island of the Sundarbans.


Manish is a tree lover and likes to explore the different trees in his island. So we decided to celebrate his love for trees by publishing his own little book on Sundarbans trees. This book has a glimpse of some of the rare as well as commonly found trees in Sundarbans-seen by the eyes of a 10 year old boy who lives in the island. It is a unique project of Global Social India and we wish to come up with many such books created by different kids living in the remotest part of the land.

All pictures in this book are taken by Manish :)

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