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Teacher’s training program for Paschim Sripatinagar, Ganges Delta (Sunderbans)

Project Aim

Developing efficient teaches from local residents of the island who can provide education to children at preprimary level.


Area of Operation

Paschim Shripatinagar -the remotest Gangetic delta island in the Sunderban area of West Bengal. This island is totally isolated and can only be reached by boat.


What We Did So Far

Our volunteers had spent months scanning the island to Identify suitable trainee candidates for the teacher’s training program.

We identified two ladies Ms Jharna Mondal and  Ms Manasi Bera  both with higher secondary education and some knowledge of English language.

We invited them to Kolkata for a 10-day training program.


On December 2019 we started the teacher’s training program in association with Shri Aurobindo Bal Mandir and Sabitri Chatterjee Trust. Mr Partha Sarathi Bose , (Principal of  Shri Aurobindo Bal Mandir) headed the training program with a band of devoted teachers from his institute .

Basic computer training was also provided to the candidates over the 10days training period.

Meanwhile we worked with the local youth in the island who had set up a small shelter that could be used as pre-primary school.

Within a week of completion of the training the school started running with 23 kids from the island.


Future Plan

At present we were working to install computers and set up wireless internet connection in the school.

Installing computers and internet will help us provide remote digital assistance to our teachers and students on a day to day basis.

To consolidate and further develop our Paschim Sripatinagar preprimary school

To extend the model to 12 other blocks of the Sunderban delta island region.


Our Observations

We were pleasantly surprised to find out how fast our local teaches were picking up new ideas and skills.

From the second day of their training our trainee teachers were able to operate the computer and use it for typing letters and by the end of the session they were making simple data sheets-although they were using a computer for the first time in their life.


We are thankful to

Mr Partha Sarathi Bose (Principal of Shri Aurobindo Bal Mandir, New Alipur, Kolkata ) and his team of teachers for conducting the teacher’s training at their school premises.

Film actress Ms Sabitri Chatterjee for providing lodging to our trainee teachers.

Ms Paramita Saha for donating a laptop which was used by the trainee teachers.


How You can Help:

You can donate a laptop, desktop computer, tab, smart phone that will enable our teachers to remain connected to our training and assistance center in Kolkata . Even the old ones that you are not using will do -as we can get them repaired.

If you wish to volunteer you may contact us at +91 9830339521

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