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Celebrations and Cultural Activities

Friendship bond at Sundarbans Study Center

A regional celebration of tying Rakhi (embellished amulet tied as a token of friendship and affection) was part of the event followed by a hearty lunch of savory porridge (Khichuri) which was thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

A picnic had been arranged in the month of August 2021 at Global Social India Learning Center, Sunderbans for the children.

Independence Day Celebration

Education is freedom.
Global Social India Celebrates Independence Day with it's students of Sundarbans and also those to whom teaching guidance is provided online.

The Global Social India Learning Center, Sundarbans celebrated Independence Day with the children participating in various cultural programs. The teachers and students collaborated to arrange cultural programs having soulful patriotic songs and dance performances. Sweets were distributed among participants. 

Celebration of Netaji's Birthday

The Global Social India Learning Center, Sundarbans celebrated the birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, a revered freedom fighter and a prominent Indian leader on 23rd of January 2021. The children paid their tribute at the premise of the Study Center, commemorating the great leader through stories, anecdotes and patriotic songs.

Christmas Day Celebration

The spirit of Christmas was celebrated with the children associated with the Global Social India Learning Center through gift distribution, and spreading thoughts of joy, togetherness and love. Painting sessions were organized engaging all the children. A delicious dinner was arranged for the children along with a Christmas cake.

Water Day Celebration

Celebrating World Water Day. An awareness session was organized to sensitize the students on the importance of saving water. Children expressed their learnings by sketching and painting innovative ways to save water and spread the message further.

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